Monday, 12 January 2009

early computer graphics - arabesque

a video by john whitney made in 1975, called arabesque, still looks good today.

Tatlin's Tower

a video about tatlin's tower. Im interested in all the big projects that never got made, tatlins tower was one of them by the russian constructivist tatlin.

wonders of the modern world

a satellite tour of the modern wonders of the world. some of the greatest buildings and structures around today.

strange buildings

strange and unique buildings around the world.

moving buildings in dubai and moscow

Ive decided my idea for 10 best/worst will be centred around buildings, something like strangest/tallest/ugliest/wonders of the modern world etc.

This video is for a proposed buildings in moscow and dubai that move throughout the day to get the best light and to look cool. This could be the next advancement in buildings, all the buildings of the future could move.